version 1.01

for Lightwave3D Modeler (Intel)
1999/3/1 (C)1999,K.Watanabe

Thanks to Steve for his great help in translation.

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I was given the above picture from Mr. James Perry who was the staff of Unified Film Organization, LLC. Thnaks. 

About KW-EdgeSmoother

KW-EdgeSmoother is a plug-in for Modeler in LightWave3D.
Its basic function is to bevel edges into polygons by specifying the lowest angle between the faces of polygons.
You can also control which edges are beveled by separating your object and isolating the desired polygons in their own layer. This plug-in is useful for adding detail to mechanical objects.




In the above case KW-EdgeSmoother was applied to the object twice.

The above pictures are before applying KW-EdgeSmoother. The object's tip is zoomed into.

The picture above after applying the plug in.

KW-EdgeSmoother can be applied to complex objects with time saving results.

You can adapt to a polygon with face angles of 180 degrees or over.(2001/5/24)


Wide bevels can not be made to objects built with fine meshes.

Applying KW-EdgeSmoother to an object like the one above makes an object like the one below with edges formed inside of other polygons.

These objects can not be beveled suitably, but you can cancel the operation by Stick Out Check (Cf. bellow)

Cancellation as above has effect on only wrong cut off and the other modeified edges are maintained.


You can't bevel any vertex that doesn't touch a polygon edge.

KW-EdgeSmoother bevels edges of polygons only, not vertexes.


Run KW-Edge Smoother, and the following dialog box appears.
A polygon generated by the beveling procedure is referred to as a 'New Edge' afterwards.

Edge width

Specify New Edge's width.

Edge Operation type

You specify the method of creating a New Edge.
Normal Create a New Edge with continuous faces by beveling off edges satisfying the condition of edge angles (Max Adopt Angle).
Create Create a New Edge with separated faces by beveling edges satisfying the condition of edge angles (Max Adopt Angle).

You can process the same object many times. When you specify Create at first and Separate at second for example, the same edges are beveled each time.
Separate Create s New Edge at the boundaries of continued faces sharing points with the same coordinates. When It is difficult to specify Max Adopt Angel, you can separate a polygon so as to make boundaries at the place where you want edges, and then generate a New Edge.

Max Adopt Angle

Specify the maximum angle, and only edges with angles greater than or equal to that amount are beveled. This option is only available when Edge Operation type is Normal or Create.

Adopt Angle Type

When you want to cut edges with acute angles only, select Acute, with obtuse angles select Obtuse, and with both angles select Both. You can select this option only when specified Edge Operation type is Normal or Create.

Normal Vecrtor

Choose True when you take normal vector related to two side lines from each vertex, and Polygon when related to a Polygon. In case an object has polygons with curved faces, selection of True gives reasonable results. The Polygon option is somewhat faster.

Error Lines Operation

This option applies to incorrect edges. The DELETE option will delete incorrect bevels. The INTACT option allows incorrect bevels to remain. Choosing INACT will give the best results in most cases if you select Separate Edge under Edge Operation type.

Stick Out Check

If the width of bevels specified in the Stick Out Rate would intersect with each other then the operation is canceled by choosing ON, and maintained by OFF.

Stick Out Rate

This is the distance from potentially intersecting bevels. This option is available only when Stick Out Check is ON.


Choose the surface of generated New Edges. DEFAULT gives them the surface of default, and APPLY
Gives the surface of one of original neighboring polygons.



This plug-in is a shareware program. In you use it frequently then registration is required.
User's of cracked copies of LightWave3D will not be registered.


$25 for one license (tax included).

Limitations before Registration:

The number of the polygons of an applied object is limited to less than or equal to 50.

Escape clauses:

In no event will we be liable to you for any damages arising out of the use of this software.


ver1.10--You can adapt to a polygon with face angles of 180 degrees or over. May. 24. 2001
ver1.01-- Append the option to specify polygons the edges of which are cut off. Apr. 12, 1999

Your opinions or requests are welcome to K.Watanabe.