Low-temperature vacuum drying allows the reduction of energy cost and drying time, automation, and odor elimination.
Speedy drying based on the vacuum method
Vacuumer SS8Y for 600 kg
Automatic and unattended operation using a sequencer. Dried material can be used as forage.
You can sell waste as a valuable resource!

Effective utilization as eco-feed

Powerful agitating is suitable for drying anything

Helps recycling for use as forage and fertilizer
No foul odor
5 Fully automatic operation with no people
Effective utilization as feedstuff
Dried food waste
Dried bean curd refuse
Bike plating factory H in Kumamoto
IC line cleaning/drying of company Y in Aichi
Volume of slimy waste fluid is reduced through vacuum distillation.
Automatic suction through volume reduction drying.
Precipitated water is automatically discharged.
Dried material can be used as a valuable resource.
System for significant volume reduction of waste fluid with heavy metals, etc.
Condensation through solid-liquid separation.
Reduction of environmental cost.