《Photo of the main body》
  《Structural drawing》

Draws water mixed with bottom sludge into the air diffuser (1.3t /min.)
A static air diffuser without moving parts has been developed for aeration of the active sludge tank.
This resulted in significant reduction (30% to 50%) of the electricity bill through improved oxygen dissolution efficiency and elimination of pressure loss. This paid off 1.5 years after the introduction. It eliminates bad odor and solves the float problem in settling tanks.

Allows installation without draining wastewater
1. No clogging!
2. No sludge deposit, no maintenance!
3. No need for regular cleaning!
4. Lower electricity bill!
5. Easy installation!
Delivered to food factories, dye works, etc.
In addition to the reduction of the electricity bill through Aerator S1, the use of useful bacteria, oxygen, and flowing substance further activates active sludge and enhances treatment performance.
Dye Works T in Shizuoka Pref.
Spinning Works S in Aichi Pref.
Dairy product factory in Shanghai, China
Rubber factory in Malaysia
Domestic leading food factory