Company working for energy conservation and environmental improvement based on biotechnology and environmentalengineering

Proposal-based environmental engineering including wastewater treatment, organic waste purification, energy conservation, environmental improvement and environmental cost reduction.

Major environment-related products
1. Excess sludge reduction system based on bio- and environmental engineering
2. Energy-saving wastewater treatment system based on a powerful aerator, etc.
3. Energy-saving system based on rapid oxidation treatment and pressurized floatation using an ultrafine bubble generator
4. Volume reduction and reuse of industrial waste using a vacuum drier
5. Eco-feed system for making safe and useful forage through the mixed culture drying of bean curd refuse and lactic acid bacteria for pig farming, poultry farming, dairy, cattle, and other industries






Our R&D at Kyodai Katsura Venture Plaza includes the screening of useful bacteria that are effective for the analysis and treatment of wastewater and measurement/experiment/data collection on treatment capacity.