●Pressure levitation device/high-power levitation system
●Rapid active sludge treatment using a high concentration of oxygen
●Ultrasonic cleaning using ultrafine air bubbles


Generates uniform and stable fine air bubbles instantaneously. Automatic operation is possible when linked with another system.


Small-particle-size air bubbles attach to suspended solids (SS) and powerfully make them separate and surface.
Very effective in the separation and levitation of emulsified surface-active agent/oil content, etc.
Powerful levitation using ultrafine air bubbles allows BOD/COD improvement and SS removal with a small but adequate amount of coagulating agent.
Compact space-saving body.

Pressure levitation tank of
Refinery F. 22 kW ultrafine
air bubble generator.
Aggregating agent was radically reduced to one-third.

Pressure levitation tank of a dye works in Shanghai, China
30 kW ultrafine air bubble generator SS/COD treatment capacity was significantly enhanced.
The amount of aggregating agent and industrial waste were reduced by half.
After ozone was added to the ultrafine air bubble generator, colored dye wastewater became clear and colorless due to a total oxidation reaction.
Recycled water is used efficiently.